Kevin Thorn Game-style Interaction workshop

Kevin Thorn walked us through creating game-style interaction in Storyline at the September 2020 pactmn.org workshop. Kevin provided the resources, mapping for the triggers, and walked us through the logic. It was a great learning experience!

EHC 261: Dials

My submission for E-Learning Heroes Challenge 261: Using Dials to Design Interactive Infographics.


Takeaways from DevLearn 2018 presented in Articulate Rise

instructional design examples

web-based instruction

instructional design documentation

digital game-based learning – design documentation
introduction to the color wheel – planning and design documentation
introduction to the color wheel – formative evaluation
introduction to the color wheel – summative evaluation

fonts101 – planning and design documentation
computer-based instruction – planning and design documentation

COTS post mortem

Portal2 instructional strategy analysis